Our Angel Baby

Our Angel Baby

This is important for healing. For me. For the mothers & fathers this has personally affected. For strained minds & scared hearts.

I lost a baby.

My worst fear. Pregnant with Wake’s sibling & then… not.

It’s odd how the universe prepared me for this day. A day I feared most next to not being able to conceive at all. A miscarriage. Not me, surely no. But in the back of my mind it was a raging fear that managed to weasel it’s way into my thoughts & found itself very prevalent in my daily life.

Girlfriends shared their stories of loss. One after the other after the other. So many of these beautiful friends, all suffered a major heart break.. or 2… or 7. The strength; it’s unfathomable. Literal survivors of mental and physical terror.

The universe was gently preparing me for 10 weeks & 2 days into my second pregnancy. The bright red telling blood of your future dreams being ripped physically away from you, leaving a dark void in your mind, heart, & body.

I was warned of this by my doctor. It was my 8 week appointment. The first of what I expected to be many over the next 32 weeks. “Just let me see the heart beat. Just let me see the heart beat.” Unknown to her, the extra unnecessary time in the waiting area was torture. “Why is she making me wait even longer to see this heartbeat?” Finally, she came in. The doctor that delivered Wake, my perfect, healthy boy. “How are you feeling?!” She asked. “Great, just anxious! Ready to see my baby.” So she began.

Her words were an instant dagger to my heart. “Hmm… are you sure your dates are correct?”

WHAT?? “Yes I know exactly when I got pregnant. And my husband left the next day for 3 weeks & upon his return home, I told him I was pregnant.”

“Oh. Well, you’re only measuring at 6 weeks. Maybe your dates are wrong.”

Anger. MY DATES AREN’T WRONG. My dates are psychoanalytical clockwork. I may not remember my phone every time I leave the house or forget to take out my contacts before I go to sleep but my ovulation & menstrual calendar is equivalent to a young child’s countdown to Christmas: We know what we’re doing.

“Can you come back in in a week to see if baby is growing?”

“No. I’ll be in Hawaii with my family. I’m gone for 12 days.”

“That’s actually the amount of time I would prefer. But you need to be prepared. This could be a possible impending miscarriage.

And there they were.

The words I swear I willed to be said to me. The M-word. My heart didn’t skip any beats. It just kept on going, slightly faster, as if it knew. I was oddly prepared. I literally effing KNEW IT.

Does intuition really work that way? Surely I couldn’t have possibly willed this to happen to me. I questioned if I manifested this to happen to me, all of my thoughts about it. Perhaps. (Our thoughts are so much more powerful than most people give credit. Tap into this and keep this in mind for yourself & the constant negative thoughts you may have. They can be very dangerous.) I decided that I never actually  manifested myself to lose a baby. That would mean I wanted to lose a baby. Clearly, not the case. I feel like moreso, it was the universe preparing me for the possibility of this reality. Miscarriage is reality. It happens every single day, to women all over the world. And today, I was being added to the statistic.

She left me with a small amount of hope that something was still okay, informing me that my progesterone was at a 24, which was excellent for a healthy baby. She just needed time to see if baby was growing.

So we went on our 12 day trip. To Florida, LA, Honolulu, LA, and finally home the night before my next ultrasound. Not one drop of blood or sign of losing our sweet angel the whole trip.

It was the morning I woke up at home in Nashville for my 8:25 appointment that it started. I looked down and saw the very beginning of my own personal horror story.

“John. Babe.” Gently waking him. “I don’t think we even need to go. We have our answer,” as I showed him my worst fear. He pulled me back into bed and hugged me tight and said “Let’s still go, baby, and get the answers that we need.”

Our ultrasound tech confirmed what I knew. No heartbeat. Just the tiniest smallest little darling, warm & cozy inside of my womb. I told her I didn’t want her to turn off the screen after she asked but the second I saw that baby, I just closed my eyes through the rest of the appointment. Tears streaming, I had seen enough.

Personally, there’s not much worse than preparing a spot in your heart for a baby that doesn’t come. 10 weeks and 2 days. That’s a long time for hopes & dreams. You calculate how far apart your children will be. What grades they’ll be in school together. How old Wake would be when baby #2 would start to crawl and imagine Wake helping his sibling along the route of life. And then… gone.

“You’ll know when it’s passed” my OB said. So what does that mean? That I’ll physically see the embryo of a 6-10 week old baby in a bloody pool? Is this a joke? My heart has already been ripped to shreds, my mind working overtime. But now my eyes have to be forever scarred with the image of an embryo that I’ll never be able to unsee?

Two days after the miscarriage started naturally, I took the pill to help just get it over with. John had left for tour the night before so one of my best girlfriends, Kristin, drove down from Ohio to be with me. I took the medicine at 9am & suffered terribly with labor pains, my body physically churning from what is considered “a kin to labor” as miscarriage starts & your uterus does away with the baby that couldn’t make it. The “brisk bleeding” as my OB put it, was supposed to start 30 minutes after you take the pill. Finally, at noon & no sign of blood, I went to the bathroom and just started to push. Like a gush, the bleeding began. So. Much. Blood. And it continued, a bloody mess, clot after clot, blood flowing like urine, for 4 hours straight. It was then that I started passing out. Once I caught myself on the bed. Once Kristin caught be before I could make it to the bed. The 3rd time I almost fell off the toilet is when we decided it was time to go to the emergency room. I was losing way too much blood.

In the car on the way to the hospital, I told Kristin to call 911. I completely lost my vision. I was going downhill fast and truly have never been more afraid that I was going to die. Although the dispatcher wanted her to pull over for the ambulance to come get me, my vision returned and I saw how close we were to the hospital. It was 5 o’clock traffic and I knew we could beat the ambulance to the ER. “DO NOT pull over. Just keep driving! We are almost there!”

She got us to the hospital so quickly and they admitted me right away.

It was all so invasive and painful. And full of unstoppable tears. Multiple pelvic exams by two doctors trying to get the all of the tissue out. My uterus is so tilted that they couldn’t get to it without surgery. My blood count should be at 35 and it was at 20.9. At 20, it’s emergency transfusion. I begged them no.

A D&C was inevitable. By the grace of the universe, the OB/surgeon on-call doctor that day was MY OB, my trusted medical professional who warned me of this mess. Without surgery, my body would just keep bleeding in an effort to remove the rest of the tissue which would have never passed on it’s own. I was immediately prepped for surgery & whisked away to the operating room. It all happened so fast.

Successful surgery but just like that, it was all gone. I never had to see the fetus. The one good thing I was able to take away from the mess.

In the recovery room, I talked to John who informed me that there was an extra seat on a jet heading back fo Nashville from the show they were playing in Ohio. He canceled the rest of his shows on tour that weekend and came home to me. I was so thankful for his return.

I recovered overnight at the hospital for monitoring for the excessive blood loss and left the next morning. It’s been weeks of downtime. Blood loss is exhausting. I couldn’t hold Wake, I couldn’t walk up the stairs. Just the exercise of brushing my teeth left me winded & extremely sick with exhaustion.

Six weeks until my blood returned to normal.

I’ve definitely bounced back since May 3rd. I’ve done a lot of resting, eating high-iron foods, & taking my time doing physical things that I used to do with ease. I just try to remind myself that the baby wasn’t healthy. Something was wrong & first and foremost, a baby deserves a healthy life. I am lucky it didn’t go on longer. I just try to remind myself that someone, many people, have it so much worse. But I also have to remind myself that I am not alone. I am so thankful for the many women who shared their own story of loss, the friends & family who helped me with Wake when I physically couldn’t be there for him, & the health & life that I do have. If I never have another child, I know how lucky I am to have my sweet Wakey & for him, I will always be grateful.

This story is for the women who have lost. Or who may one day, god forbid. My sweet friend, Kristen Brust’s, story got me through this mess. I’m attached the link here in case any of you reading this ever needs it. She was there for me physically & mentally during this time and I will always be so thankful for her words, wisdom, strength, & guidance during this scary & traumatic time. We are impatiently awaiting the arrival of her rainbow baby, due mid-August. She gives me light & love, watching her grow a perfectly healthy angel after her loss. It’s fascinating & inspiring.

For a while after this mess, when people would ask us when we are giving Wake a sibling, it was like a dagger to my heart. I felt anger towards them for being so insensitive to ask such a personal question. I quickly learned that this was simply my reaction to their question out of pain. I was so devastated about my experience that I couldn’t help but feel like their question was a premeditated insult. Not the case. People asking this question came from a loving place, an excited place. Babies are triggers for happiness! I decided when people asked me this, not to be sad or upset with them or feel sorrow about my story, rather know they are coming from a loving place & simply answer with “Hopefully soon.” Hope & faith. You have to depend on it. It’s right there waiting for you.

I also started sharing my story with people. Miscarriage should not be a silent subject. No one should suffer alone. Women, when ready, should share their stories. It’s healing & helpful to so many, people we don’t even know. It’s like the passing of the torch in a dark place. Giving light in the darkness… just enough to know you are not alone. It is not your fault. Surrender control & lean towards love. This hurdle is a lesson & one we will all get through. Even at the lowest of lows, I can promise you this: you will be okay. It just takes time & lots of practice. Be kind to yourself. Ask for help. Be patient in your recovery & remember: Just always lean towards love.

In the wait for our rainbow baby, we will just continue to love. Love on each other, on our Wakey, family, & friends because now more than EVER, I know that LOVE & FAMILY is what it’s all about.

We are all so lucky to be here.


See ya never, meat!

See ya never, meat!


Yep. I fell for it. I watched “What the Health” on Netflix. It’s a thing, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s a documentary about how completely effed up our food is in America. How food is big business & corporations make tons of money off the garbage we consume on a daily basis. From there & overtime, that garbage will typically make you sick requiring you to take pharma meds which the big pharma companies just love that (dolla dolla bills, y’all.) And at the end of the day, our government is happy because they too are making money off of the food, the drugs, AND the illness. It’s a vicious cycle & people need to wake up when it comes to what they put in their bodies. (I am NOT a nutritionist or endorsing anything mentioned in the documentary, I’m just giving my opinion on what can be a very touchy subject.)

When I was 18 weeks pregnant with Wake, I developed a hypo-thyroid. I was forced to take thyroid medicine since his own thyroid didn’t work on it’s own yet. After delivery, my thyroid levels actually got worse. I decided that changing my diet might not fix my thyroid since the damage has been done but maybe, just maybe, it can help to stop it from deteriorating further & I won’t have to take medication forever. That would be my ultimate wish. Get off the medicine.

The documentary essentially wants you to become a vegan. I tried this & it’s just not for me. Yes, I cut out cheese (with rare exceptions) but I did that a long time ago. I don’t drink cows milk & neither does Wake. I found an amazing almond milk by Elmhurst who’s ingredients are almonds, water, sea salt, & natural flavors. I’m not a huge fan of most dairy products but I do find myself using them from time to time.

With all of that said, the day I watched “What the Health” I completely cut out all chicken, pork, & red meat & went full on pescatarian. I feel lighter & fresher! I missed some chicken meals for a little while but now, I don’t miss it at all (it actually really grosses me out.) I still eat fish here & there, especially when I’m in Florida.

In reality, since I got pregnant, I was a total organic-only, clean eating snob. I’ll admit it. It drove John crazy but I just felt like Wake deserved the absolute cleanest, best food & environment for growing that I could give him. There is so much plastic in our food these days & I didn’t want him to receive that. His pediatrician even told me that now, some researchers are saying that autism could be attributed to all of the plastics in our food & studies are being done on learning more about that possibility. If I can help my son have a healthy life, I’ll buy all organic only in a heartbeat. Why would you want to use Log Cabin maple syrup (for example) who’s ingredients start with corn syrup & include preservatives & artificial flavors when you can buy organic 100% pure maple syrup offered in the same section of the grocery store who’s only ingredient is, well… maple syrup. Go figure! 😛 They make it way too easy to buy organic options these days at so many grocery stores (not just Whole Foods) that there really isn’t much of an excuse. And yes, I know people say it’s so much more expensive but in reality, it’s not THAT much more & my argument to that is: Why cut corners on the food you are putting INTO your body?! Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself the best & if you have to, financially cut something else out of your life to make up for being able to eat REAL FOOD. It’s our fuel! We deserve the best!

In other news, working out has always been a big part of my life & I’ve touched on it in several blog posts before. Since I last spoke on it, I have began boxing at Title & I absolutely love the workout! It is an hour of full body, mega cardio, hitting, sweaty fun! I started when my good girlfriend & faithful photographer, Aspen, talked me into joining her. I was immediately “hooked” (bad boxing joke.) The guy in these pictures was one of the trainers there & he is now a full-time personal trainer. He is SO BOMB & if you are in the Nashville area & need his assistance, look him up on his insta! www.instagram.com/edmortonfitness – he is so nice & will seriously rock your bod!

Since going pescatarian & boxing, I feel stronger & like I have more energy than ever! (If you have a Title Boxing Club in your area, almost all of them offer your first 2 classes for free, you should look into it! And don’t be intimidated! You can go at your own pace. There are all ages, shapes, sizes, & levels of boxing in each class so you can really make it your own.)

My absolute FAVORITE vegetarian meal is one I’ll food prep & eat on several times a week. It’s super easy too!

Chop up organic sweet potato, red potato, red pepper, red onion (so much red!), squash, carrot (basically any veggie you want!) Toss it in a bit of avocado or olive oil, course salt, pepper, & a dash of garlic salt. Roast in the oven at 400°, tossing every 10 minutes or so until the potatoes are golden brown. While the veggies are roasting, I make a bit of organic quinoa on the stovetop. Instead of using water, I make it with organic vegetable broth to give it more flavor. Once everything is cooked, I just mix a nice portion of the quinoa over a bed of veggies, toss it all together, & you can thank me later! If I’m looking for a little more flavor, I sometimes drizzle a oil & vinegar based salad dressing on top to switch up the flavoring.

I make so much of this that I usually have enough left over for 2 additional dinners that week. If you try it, let me know your thoughts! It just super simple & very filling.

Also, let me know if you watch the documentary. It’s a little tough in the beginning. Not to be judgey but the guy’s voice is a little monotone & he starts off by saying he’s a self-proclaimed hypochondriac so even I was hesitant to hear what this guy had to say since he believes EVERYTHING is going to kill him. Just stick it out! He offers up some sad truth to the reality of our food & the industry. If you don’t become vegetarian, vegan, or even eat cleaner, at least it will open your eyes the stuff you are putting into you & your family’s mouths.

Lastly, if you have any tips on healing or helping the thyroid, I would greatly appreciate it!

Eat well, babes!


Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.

Wake is UNO!

Wake is UNO!

[I’ve been wanting to post this one sooner but we’ve been crazy busy with family in town evacuating Irma. My mom, sister, & her fiancé, Dallas, were able to stay with us. My father refused to evacuate (stubborn!) but we are all very lucky to have experienced only minimal damage with limbs down in their yards & are currently still out of power but SAFE & that’s all that matters. Thank you for your kind words during that scary time!]


If you sit down and really think about it, it’s wild to comprehend that our little man is already ONE year young. Our sweet boy! He really has given us the absolute BEST year of our life & we couldn’t be more thankful. He is SO FUNNY & sweet & fun! I wake up every morning so thankful that he is ours.

I threw quite a party for the little guy, even though he’ll never remember it. But like most new parents, the first birthday is a huge one so I went all out. John was a good hubby & just let me do my thing which was awesome support for my crazy 😉

Since my family came from Florida & John’s parents came from Arkansas, I decided to rent a house for my family to stay at for the weekend as well as house the party. Since just renting a venue for a few hours wouldn’t give me enough time to set up & enjoy the party before having to pack up & get out, this was the best option for me.

I had originally booked an AirBnB in Brentwood that was a new, contemporary build with a nice open floor plan. I ordered the invites from TinyPrints & sent them out 2 months in advance. About a month later, the AirBnB I rented contacted me to tell me we couldn’t have the party there since they no longer had their short-term rental permit. Although I was PISSED & upset, I just KNEW that this was happening for a reason so I started my search again. I was nervous because it was a holiday weekend & I didn’t think I would find another “perfect” venue that slept 8 as well. I decided to check VRBO & found THE MOST PERFECT home. I booked the Leiper’s Fork Inn direct through Pot N’ Kettle Cottages & Samantha could not have been a more gracious host. She thought of EVERYTHING from the styling of the decor to the ease of entering the home to having it fully stocked with the essentials, making the weekend there a breeze. She even refunded the $500 damage deposit the very next day. I have never had a better rental experience & I highly suggest checking out their cottages!

We had about 60 people come to the party so I wanted to make sure everyone of every age had “something” to do. I had a bar stocked full of booze, Meiomi, & beer for the adults & a bounce house outside for the kiddos (& also for the adults, let’s be honest.) We also rented a Photo Booth which is always a hit at parties.

We got Wakey a smash cake but he was less than interested. I’m learning that he doesn’t really love to be sticky or messy which is hilarious to me. He put his hand in the cake then immediately ditched it to crawl to John to save him. Cute baby boy!

My dress & shoes were both from NastyGal for those of you asking. Click the links to shop & use code GET50 at checkout to receive half off!

The weekend went swimmingly & our little man was beyond spoiled. We will slowly give him his present throughout the year as he doesn’t need half of the stuff he received although we are all very thankful for the gifts. Besides, he is usually more interested in the cardboard box that the gift came in than the actual gift itself. #OneYearOldProblems

Thank you to EVERYONE who has had nothing but nice things to say about Wake’s sweetness & our parenting over the past year. You really have no idea how much it means to hear those things. Being supported as new parents is like the ultimate complement & I can’t thank each & everyone of you enough for following along on our adventure with positivity & love! Here’s to 100 more years of happiness with our new best friend!


Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.

Festivals of Fashion

Festivals of Fashion

Summer is here & that means it’s festival season! Music festivals take over weekends in cities all across the country & this weekend kicks off with the Live Nation festival with the Country Lake Shake in Chicago with Thomas Rhett, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Dee Jay Silver 😉 & a ton more!

We are packing the diapers & onesies for this trip as little Wakey Boy is making his first bus run this weekend to the Windy City!

I’ve never minded going on the bus with John but this weekend will be a little bit more interesting than usual with the little guy around. He’s such a good traveler so I don’t expect anything too crazy out of him & since he’s so damn nosey, there will be plenty of things (& beautiful women!) for him to be creeping on & keeping him busy.

The “Nudie’s” T

I always love a good festival because there’s so much fun style that people bring to the weekend. Dressing for a festival is tricky because you want to be stylish but you also want to be realistic. Most of the time it’s hot, there’s always a chance of rain, you’re out there for hours, & there’s a solid possibility that you’re gonna be drinking. Comfort is key. But how do you maintain comfort when you want to be stylish? We all know those two don’t usually go hand in hand. Well, you’re in luck!

I have found the cutest online boutique of fun, retro/vintage t’s called The Happy Vibe Tribe. Sandra, the owner of the boutique, is solid sugar & takes such pride in her store! Nothing better than tossing on one of her t’s with a pair of your favorite denim shorts or jeans to make the easiest, cutest, festival wear that you can dress up or dress down depending on your mood!

The “Feeling’ Haggard” T

You can always throw on a fun necklace with her shirts or a belt to help to make the outfit complete. She also has gorgeous accessories available on her site include necklaces, purses, bracelets, baby clothes & more. The best thing about her store are the price-points. Everything is within reason which is nice since I’m sure you spent a pretty penny on your festival pass.

Wake’s “Johnny Cash” T

I feel like it’s also a struggle to have the right bag to hold all of your crap. You don’t want to carry around a huge purse full of bricks but you definitely need something to hold your ish. This little clutch is the perfect size for your phone, wallet, lipstick, sunscreen, etc.

I’ll be rocking her stuff all weekend long so be sure to grab your own digs ASAP! You’ll be happy you did & super comfy too! If you aren’t coming to LakeShake this weekend, follow along on my insta to watch all the fun (We’ll be missing you!) If you are coming, wear that sunscreen & don’t forget to drink some water in between those cold beers! 😉


Everything’s bette when you look on the bright side.

Collectin’ Hats

Collectin’ Hats

Things have been busy in my world over here! I’ve been wearing many hats lately but I wouldn’t change it for the world, in fact… bring it on! I love the ever-busy lifestyle.

I’ve obviously been spending the majority of my day momming (24 hours a day since mom’s always sleep with one eye open) & during my none-“sleeping” hours I’ve also added in the business of wife, traveler, Realtor, & owner of Wake Denim.

Real estate is just an absolute blast for me to do which I don’t usually talk much about on Instagram. This August, I’ll have my license for 2 years. I’m currently working with my first ever client, Austin, on finding him a permanent residence in Nashville as our first closing together was on a vacation home property here. I love how some things come full circle.

Nashville is the fastest growing market in the country & there is predicted to be growth here through 2028! So there is always action in what is a notorious seller’s market. Looking for listings & visiting open houses are so inspiring to me for our own home. We are going to hold on to the property we currently own for a while as it’s value is just going up up up but I am always on the lookout for a potential new home as our tastes & need for more space is ever growing and changing.

If you or someone you know is moving to Middle Tennessee, let me know! I’d love to help them. Also, if you  or anyone you know is moving ANYWHERE for that matter (I’m talking in the world) let me know! I have connections to a broad list of exceptional agents that I can connect them with to help make their move much easier & comfortable. My real estate e-mail is jperduehomes@gmail.com 🙂

Wake Denim started out of pure enjoyment for me as I just love to recreate clothes & I found that I was really enjoying doing this for Wakey Boy. We love to dress our little man like well, a little man, so if we can’t find it in the market place, we may as well do it ourself. My little Etsy store has had some nice action lately & I have already done several custom pieces for people all over the country (including twins!)

Wake & I are heading to Florida next weekend to visit my family & celebrate my sister’s engagement! OMG I am so excited for them! Dallas, her fiancee, has already been in the family for over 5 years but he decided to make it official last week & I could NOT be happier! I love having him as an official Uncle for Wake & an official Big Brother for me! Woop!!!

Next week is CMA Fest here in Nashville. John will be downtown a bunch playing gigs & events. Tuesday night he is opening the new FGL House downtown off of 3rd Ave S. His party starts at 10pm & goes until close so if you can come out, come party! Before that, during the day, Wake & I will join him at 2:30 at Craig Cambell’s Celebrity Cornhole Challenge to help raise money to fight colorectal cancer. If you’re downtown & in the area, come say hi & support a great cause!

– Jenna

Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.

Doing Mommy Things

Doing Mommy Things

When I think about Wake being 8 months old already, my most basic inner white girl comes out & I literally can’t. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. He’s like a grown 18 year old about to leave for college who doesn’t need me anymore already. (Yes, it makes me that emotional.)

As dramatic as I sound, I will say, having an 8 month old is actually extremely refreshing. We’re totally communicating. We have a schedule. He’s got several different whines which tell me exactly what he needs or wants. He’s laughing & fake coughing & just a freaking awesome kid. I miss my teeny tiny baby but I’m loving the chunk nugget that he has become.

Now that he’s older, I feel better about doing some mommy-things again. Leaving him with Daddy while I go to the gym. Having a glass or 3 of wine at night comfortably knowing he’s sleeping in his crib, safe, sound, & getting the rest he needs. And tapping back into the modeling world for fun (which used to be a huge part of my life; I was a regular model on the Home Shopping Network for years along with many other modeling gigs while I lived in Florida.)

I popped down to 12South with my girlfriend, Aspen, from Mingo Photography & another model, Shannon, & we took these fun shots for a J. Crew inspired shoot. We shot in front of the blue & white striped wall at Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s little boutique down there (which is the same alley as the “I Believe in Nashville” sign that many tourists seek out.)

It felt good to be in the front of the camera again. It’s always like a little high where you kinda get out of your head for a while & go somewhere else.

My whole thing, as a mom, is taking moments like these to remember who YOU are. Momming is a very selfless thing. You spent literally 24 hours a day worrying about someone else. It’s refreshing to be able to sit back for an hour & remember who you are, where you came from, whatever that may be, even if it’s just for fun.

What did you do before you had kids that you would like to get back into? Did you hike, jog, do yoga, box, do photography, sew, model, paint? What was YOUR thing, not your kids thing? Take 30 minutes this week & go do that. Not only will you be refreshed & thankful but your kids will probably appreciate that little pep they have recently noticed in your momming step 😉



Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.

Florida w/ My Baby-Bestie

Florida w/ My Baby-Bestie

Wake & I have jumped ship from Nashville & headed south like real snowbirds to Clearwater/Dunedin/Tampa, Florida to spend time with my family! John is working Spring Break in South Padre for a few weeks & since that island is no place for babies, we decided Florida with my family was the safer more baby-friendly option.

Lots of people ask me for tips on how to travel with a baby & I have to admit, Wake is just a damn good kid. He’s so easy going, extremely charming, loves talking to everyone, & is a great traveler! (…seeing as we have been taking him everywhere with us since he was 2 weeks old.) BUT! I have to give all of my props to the amazing & most highly-recommended book, “Moms On Call” – this is the secret trick to having a happy baby!

This book literally gives you a timeline on when to feed, when to nap, & how to properly schedule your baby’s life to make them a great sleeper. A good sleeper is the magic trick to a good traveler. Follow to steps outlined in this book & you can guarantee that sooner than later, you’ll be praising “Moms On Call” from the rooftops as well! (Note: They have a book for 0-6 months & more books age-appropriate after that.)

If you can, fly on Southwest! You get to check 2 bags for $FREE$ & in a addition, they also let you check your stroller plane-side before you board. And if you’re lucky enough to travel on a flight that’s not full, they’ll let you bring your car seat on to put in a window seat, even if your child is considered a “lap child” & you didn’t pay for their ticket. This is an extra-special treat! Your arms can get pretty lifeless after a 3 hour flight holding an infant.

Also: Did you know there are changing-tables in airplane bathrooms? I never knew this but I surely do now! Wake’s ears don’t seem to be bothered by the pressure in the sky but his stomach surely is! This kid guarantees shits in his pants every single flight (sometimes twice!) Be prepared with lots of diapers & even a change of clothes in case the blow-out is unmanageable. The flight attendants have extra plastic garbage bags for you to throw your #2 diapers into when you’re done with them. For the love of everyone soul on that flight, contain the stink, people!

Note: NEVER be afraid to ask strangers for help! Chances are, they are parents who have flown with kids & understand where you’re coming from! If they’re not parents, there’s a good chance they’re just kind people & are willing to offer a helping hand with retrieving your luggage or getting a car seat off the plane.

Lastly: If your kid is just having a meltdown & there’s no stopping the sadness, keep telling yourself “I’m never gonna see these people again.” If you continue to worry about what other people are thinking & start to stress, your baby can feel that! Staying calm will help to calm your little one, so focus on them. No one loves to hear a crying baby but nothing is worse than a crying infant who’s parents aren’t trying to soothe them. Take care of your #1! You got this, mom & dad & bon voyage with bebe! 🙂

– Jenna

Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.


Starbucks Serendipity

Starbucks Serendipity

[Hey guys! Little update: My server has had an issue with posting photos but it’s back in action & so am I!]

So, last Thursday we were hanging out with our friend, Elliot, who is a pilot for a private jet company. He was making his way back to Florida from Nashville that coming Sunday & told us to jump on. I never need a good excuse to go to Florida & John was all in. When we got home from our visit, we started looking at commercial flight options to get back to Nash in time for John to work. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything that worked out with his schedule so we told Elliot we would have to take a rain check on the last minute trip & thanked him for the offer.

Well, I wasn’t impressed. I had a major pout about it not working out. I know it’s always best to stay positive but I have to admit that I got so excited to go to Florida so the tease at an opportunity to see my family stung. Not to mention, we weren’t going AND the following morning, John left to go work in Louisville.

The next day after he had left, having no plans that day & all out of coffee in my kitchen, I got Wake (still in his jammies) & we jumped in the car. I didn’t really know where we were going other than to find coffee. I was about to pull into Target which has a Starbucks but decided against it cause they never have honey & I always take honey as the sweetener in my coffee. So instead of turning left, I turned right & drove about 5 minutes farther to the actual Starbucks store.

After grabbing my coffee, while still parked, I decided it was probably a good time to get my car detailed. If you’ve ever had a baby & experienced how your hair falls out in handfuls after about 3 months, you’ll know how bad the hair situation was in my vehicle. I got out while still at Starbucks & started doing the “pre-clean” of all of Wake’s crap, organizing it all in the trunk. Mid rearranging, I heard “Jenna? Is that you?” from the distance.

“OH NO.” I thought. I didn’t have on a lick of makeup & in this city, you never know who could be calling your name. I had a hat on so I contemplated ignoring the call “Maybe they won’t know it’s me.”

Louder: “JENNA??”

“Oh god.” I thought. “I have to look. Here we go.”

As I turned my head, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw who it was. My good girlfriend & blog photographer, Aspen from Mingo Photography, in her car in line for a latte.

“Oh thank god it’s you!” I ran over to her & told her how happy I was to see her & that I was pouting that John had just left. Her husband is the drummer for Korn & she told me she was in the same boat, that she had just dropped Ray off at the airport. “Come over! Let’s hang!”

She lives about 10 minutes away from me so I ditched the carwash & became very thankful to the universe for bringing us together & lifting my mood! I love how things like that happen.

Right when I got to her house, I laid Wake down in her studio where she had a murphy bed drawn from a shoot with a baby she had done the day before. We were just chatting & catching up when just like that, she had her camera on & started snapping pictures of Wake, drooly bib, jammies, & all.

I am so so SO thankful for her & her amazing talent! Because of her, we have some of the most amazing memories of Wake caught on camera. Here’s a look of what she snapped that day:

Okay, HOW CUTE are her sweet boys, Beck & Hudson with Wake? Beck (the littler one) was in love with Wake, he loves babies. It was so cute 🙂 And Hudson, her 5 year old said “Oh Jenna! I didn’t recognize it was you because you didn’t have your tummy!” He was only used to seeing me pregnant. How sweet is that?!

It turned out to be just such an awesome day. I’m so glad I went on the drive the get my coffee – she really turned my day around! If it wasn’t for our plans being canceled, I would have never run into her, never had that time catching up with her, & never had these amazing pictures of Wake that we will cherish FOREVER.

See how looking on the bright side helps so much? Even when it takes a friend to give you that little push to smile 😉


Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.


Wake Up 2017!

Wake Up 2017!

Hey y’all! It’s been a minute! I’ve been busy overloading Wake with kisses. His chunk is growing rapidly & I die a small death daily from his cuteness. Why can’t we bottle up our babies & keep them small forever? I just can’t believe that as of New Years Day, he’s already 4 months old.

His rolls on his thighs are intense & those chubby things make me so thankful that I am able to exclusively breastfeed. Breastfeeding has to be my favorite thing about motherhood. Watching his eyes roll to the back of his head when he latches on & gets that first sip of momma’s milk makes my heart explode. That’s how you know he’s getting the good stuff! I feel so lucky that breastfeeding works so well for both of us.

Wake’s first Christmas & New Years were awesome 🙂 He got to visit with his grandparents, go to an ugly Christmas sweater party, got spoiled with gifts, & slept right through midnight in Aunt Britt & Uncle Jason’s bedroom while momma & daddy partied our way into the new year. He’s such a good baby!

Today is our first snow day in Nashville & Wake’s first time seeing snow! Clearly we had to take the obligatory “first snow” pics like good parents do 😛 He was pretty indifferent about the white display outside but it was cute nonetheless. I, on the other hand, am not a huge fan of the cold & looking forward to our next trip to Florida come February!

John & I will be celebrating 2 years of marriage on the 8th! He will be heading down to the college championship game in Tampa for a gig while Wake & I will be working on some exciting stuff back here in Nashville. Stay tuned for what’s to come in 2017 – we are looking forward to some good times ahead!

– Jenna

Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.


Thankful Babes

Thankful Babes

JP, Wake, & I spent Thanksgiving down in Florida this year with my side of the family. Aside from a massive blowout on the plane compliments of our rookie traveler, we had an absolute BLAST *no pun intended

Click the link below to check out our little vacay vlog where you’ll get a small peek into the overall goofiness that makes up our fam:

Perdue Family Florida Vacation

We hope y’all had an amazing holiday with loved ones & big bright smiles on your faces all weekend long! Stay warm out there, kiddos!

– Jenna

Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.