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Month: August 2016

My 500 Hour Long Days

My 500 Hour Long Days

24 hours – we all have them. Mine, however, seem to be much longer than every one else I know. By like 100 years. This pregnancy has flown by for me up until about a week ago. And then time just seemed to… stop. Don’t let me fool you, this baby hasn’t stopped. Not for one second. There’s a constant heel in my right rib & I swear this child has a death grip on my bladder.

I can officially say: I AM DONE. I went hard this pregnancy & gave it all I had to give. Time’s up as far as I’m concerned. I’m just SO ready to meet the new love of our life.

I asked John the other day if I was going to get bed sores. He laughed at my straight-faced question. “I’m being serious.” Having my scare a few weeks ago, I haven’t been advised to work out. I’m not on “bed rest” per se but was told to “take it easy” – apparently squatting, lunging, & excessive walking isn’t “great” for my lady bits. Which is bad news for me because my daily exercise routine is one of the “tips” on my list to help with baby extraction.

It’s getting pretty restless over here for this typically active momma. Not only am I not working out but I’m also on the “no fly” list so traveling has been cut off. For a gypsy, this is the thing that my nightmares are made of. Speaking of gypsies, I’ve watched all of the television including a “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” marathon on TLC. I was glued to it all day until 3 in the morning (this show is absolutely fascinating by the way & I’m throwing it out there that I’m open to receiving an invite to one of these weddings if anyone’s offering.) I have also watched Ghost Hunters, Bachelor in Paradise, & every episode of all the Real Housewives… in every city… twice. Meghan Edmonds from Real Housewives of Orange County’s IVF storyline has been good mommy entertainment for me & texting with her about our pregnancies reminds me that I’m not alone in giving up the “champs” (as they say on the show.) [She’s expecting her first child with husband, Jim Edmonds, a good friend of John’s, in the beginning of December.]

Staring blankly at the TV all. day.

I am sipping on my raspberry tea as I type this post. One of the many at-home remedies I’ve researched that supposedly helps to get the baby moving. There’s also the excessive sex to be had, fresh pineapples to eat, evening primrose oil capsules to take & foot massages to receive. It’s all goin down. Castor oil, however, is out of the question as there will already be enough action down there during birth that I don’t need to add any additional nastiness to the mix. I’ve heard nothing but bad things. #Sick

I’m still 2 weeks away from my due date but next weekend would be perfect timing as my shoog will be home from tour for the week. I know that one day I’ll look back at this time of basic boredom & wish I had hours alone to just watch bad TV. But life is a game of balance & too much of anything can be taxing on a person. What other tips can you mommas out there give a first-time pregger in order to get this show on the road? My plan is to go into labor before Labor Day (however, that would be very cheeky.) Currently taking any & all advice – let’s hear it! *Leave a comment below or click “comments” at the top of this post to share tips – thank you!


Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.

Pre-Baby Scare

Pre-Baby Scare

*Warning: This post has TMI details about blood & women’s business #DownThere. Proceed with caution.*

SnapChat filters for the win
SnapChat filters to help pass the time for the win.

When I started Blonde on the Bright Side, I said I would share all things pregnancy – the good, the bad, & the ugly. Well, I should have also used the word “scary” because that is definitely a huge portion of growing a child. I’m sure you other mommas can relate. I constantly think about this baby’s well being & love feeling the movements in my belly because it means we are still in this together. Now, I’ve been lucky enough to have an unreal pregnancy with only very small “issues” here & there (i.e. the painful tatas or random peeing of your pants.) So this one blind-sided me a bit.

This Friday, I went into my 35 week check up (my check up’s are weekly at this point) with plans for a quick measurement of my tummy, a listen to the heartbeat & away ya go. I was booked for a maternity shoot after my appointment so I had full hair & makeup on. I was feelin’ good & excited for the day.

While the nurse was taking my blood pressure, she filled me in that this week was my Group B Strep test, which is a culture swab for a certain bacteria that can live in some women’s digestive tract that can be harmful if passed along to the baby during delivery. If you carry this bacteria, it’s a simple penicillin pill you take during labor. “Okay!” I said, thinking what harm can a little Q-tip be.

Laying on the table, in stirrups, the doctor did the culture swab & put it in it’s tube to be sent off for testing. Next, she said she was going to do a physical exam to see if I have started dilating. During the exam, she told me that I am 1 centimeter dilated & she could feel the baby’s head – perfect position for 35 weeks. “Great! Does the baby have hair?” is what I was thinking but felt too silly to ask. “Now you might experience a little bleeding after this exam but don’t worry. It’s normal. Go ahead & get dressed & I’ll be back in to get you in a minute” says the doctor & out she went.

As I was getting dressed, I noticed a decent amount of blood on the table. “Hmm…” I thought to myself “but she did say that is normal…” When the doctor came back in I told her “It was definitely pretty bloody.” She seemed totally okay with what she saw, handed me a pantyliner & sent me on my way.

I walked to my car & as I sat down, I felt a huge gush. This can’t be good.

I went straight back inside to the bathroom, sat down to pee & felt myself pass a huge clot. This definitely can not be good.

I walked back to the doctor & said “Umm… I just passed a huge clot.” I have clearly never had a baby but leading up to this child, I am well aware of the “mucus plug” you pass before you go into labor. All I could think was that this was my mucus plug & the doctor must have sent me into labor.

She put me back on the bed & back in the stirrups to see what was going on. Not only was I bleeding but I was bleeding so excessively that the doctor had to keep her hand on my cootie to stop the blood while she yelled for nurses for back up. I could not only feel the blood flowing out of me but I could hear it spilling all over the floor. The doctor didn’t even pretend like she wasn’t scared by saying “Oh my god, I have never seen anything like this.” Four nurses, on their hands & knees, cleaning up what looked like an official Dexter-style murder scene.

I had so much going against me: The bleeding, laying on my back (the baby sits on a nerve that makes preggers feel nauseas when they lay on their back) & the overall fear of what was happening all combined, sent me into faint mode. “It’s getting really hot in here.”

The doctor rolled me on my side while they began to monitor Baby’s heartbeat. Perfection. But the bleeding wasn’t stopping.

All I remember hearing was what my doctor said next: “We have to get you to labor & delivery, girlfriend.”

WHAT. Today’s the day. I’m having this baby today. And John is as far away as you can get in the continental U.S. – Washington state.

Off to the hospital the doctor & I went. (Luckily, my women’s center is in the same parking lot as the hospital so we didn’t have to go far.)

Upon being admitted, I was hooked up to the monitors for myself & baby & all I could hear was a perfect heartbeat. MY FAVORITE SOUND. The bleeding was finally under control. The doctor came to the conclusion that she hit a blood vessel during my physical exam & with your cervix being so vascular during pregnancy, bleeding is much more possible. The bleeding was coming from my vaginal wall & had nothing to do with baby. What a relief! And now I can call John Perdue.

“Okay don’t freak out but I’m in the hospital.” I could essentially hear his fingers on his phone screen booking the next flight back to Nashville. “DON’T come home. Don’t panic. Today is not our day!” He was  playing the LiveNation festival, Watershed, a 2 hour drive away from the Spokane airport & a 5 hour flight home. He was so sweet & so ready to bail on the festival but I talked him out of it & told him to enjoy his weekend. “I promise you’ll be here for the birthday.”

I was monitored for 7 hours while laying in that hospital bed. It’s just so messed up how no matter how much of a positive lifestyle you live & your constant practice of thankful, positive thoughts – how your brain is capable of thinking up the worst possible scenarios in situations like this. But you just have to talk yourself off those cliffs because your negative thoughts can literally be your worst enemy.

That day wasn’t our baby’s birthday. Our baby wants to cook for a little bit longer. And I am SO okay with that.


I know that this is just the first of a million times this child is going to scare the crap outta me! Playground falls, scrapes, cuts, drivers licenses… Ha! Until then, I’ll just be over here pretending like this baby will stay little forever & never grow out of their newborn onesies 😉


Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.