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The Name Game

The Name Game

The pressure’s on when it comes to naming a child. That’s their name… what they’re going to be referred to for the rest of their life. So we wanted to make sure it was something good for our little guy. Strong, unique, & fitting.

I mentioned the story behind his name on an Instagram post the week he was born but in case you missed it, Wake was a name I had on my list since I was 19. I was working at Outback Steakhouse as a to-go server when my coworker, Amy, was outside running food & I heard her phone ringing. I glanced to see “Wake” was calling. When she came back in, I told her she missed a call from him & she laughed saying “No, that was my alarm going off!” We had a good chuckle about it but I vividly remember thinking to myself “Well, Wake would be a really cool name for a boy.”

So when we found out that our prayers were answered with a little man (we both wanted a boy) John agreed with me that Wake should be his name.

Every once & a while after he was born I would ask myself “Did we do him wrong by giving him such a unique name?” but it is with this article by the awesome people at Taste of Country, that I officially had my first “proud moment mom cry.” Feels like we definitely did something right.

Thank you, Taste of Country! We think Wake is a pretty cool name too 😉



Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.


Road Trip Vs. Wake

Road Trip Vs. Wake

Wake wins! …Not to spill the beans or anything but he did amazing! (I know, I’m his mom so I have to say that but…) For real.

Last week, we packed the car (& by “we” I mean John) & headed west for a quick little trip to Harrison, Arkansas where John’s parents live. John’s momma wasn’t able to make the trip to Nashville with his dad right when Wake was born due to a bit of bronchitis so we had to bring Wake to her now that’s she’s better which, for me, was a very welcomed get-away.


I had actually never been to their house in all these years so I was really looking forward to it. But I was a little nervous about a 7-hour road trip with a 7 week old. You never know how they’re going to react or when a meltdown can pop up.

Since my sister, dad & I also took him to Cincinnati in the car when he was 2 weeks old, I’ve learned a thing or two on what to do & what to avoid when road tripping with your babe.

Here are some tips I’ve quickly learned about traveling with a freshy:

*Good news! You’re in charge of the wheel. Pull that whip over whenever you need to to check on/tend to the mini. Padding a little extra time to your trip to allow for the added stops helps to keep baby happy & momma sane. Nothing worse than a crying baby in the back seat that you can’t tend to immediately. Talk about blood pressure rising! My fella mommas know this feeling.


*Have your hubby/partner/fam/friend sit in the backseat with babes. Especially when they’re this little. The rear view baby mirrors are amazing but there’s only so much you can do as the driver to take care of the nugget. Having someone in the backseat helps loads. Besides, you’re now officially a chauffeur anyway so get used to an empty front seat.

*Pack snacks for the road. Especially if you’re breastfeeding as you know the hunger is real.


*Drink tons of H2O! Yea, it makes you have to pee but chances are you’ll be pulling over often anyway with the kiddo. Water helps to keep your brain active & is a great energizer for those longer, boring stretches.

Wake's Aunt Terry & Uncle Troy
Wake’s Aunt Terry & Uncle Troy

*Pack more diapers than you think you’ll need. Yes, you can always stop & buy more but I packed what I thought was way too many diapers & I ended up really happy I had all of them. Smelly diapers need to be changed often when you’re in the confines of a small car (the stink factor gets high real fast) so you may be changing diapers a bit more frequently thank normal.

"Hmm. Somethin stanks."
“Somethin stanks.”

*Pack your pump! And if you’re lucky enough to have a plug outlet in your vehicle, pump from the passenger seat! I got Wake taking my breastmilk out of a bottle when he was 2 weeks old. (I’m super lucky in this sense!) He’ll take both now & doesn’t fuss either way. I prefer to breastfeed him because I love that connection & closeness but in situations like this, it’s nice to have a bottle on hand to feed him while he’s strapped into his car seat if he starts to wig out. Nothing works better to calm a crying baby than to put a cork in it! Plus, freshly expressed breastmilk lasts up to 4 hours at room temp so even if you don’t use it right away, chances are you’ll get an opportunity to at some point down the road. Also, make sure to grab the breast pump bandeau that holds the pump bottles to your tatas. It’s literally the most un-sexy, unattractive get-up I have every strapped onto myself but hands-free pumping is all the rage, I’m tellin’ ya. (They sell these bandeaus at Target for less than $20.)

Yep. That's the real deal, people.
Yep. That’s the real deal, people. Sex machine.

*Rent an AirBnB if you can. We skipped the hotel & went straight for a home rental. The in-laws wanted us to stay at their place but with a newborn who gets up every few hours to feed & a husband who snores like whoa! we needed our own space – I NEEDED my own space. It was nice to have options for 2-bedrooms & in our case, we got lucky & found an amazing 2-story villa 9 minutes away from his parents that made us feel like we were on a European vacation, all for less than it would have cost us to stay in one room at a Holiday Inn Express. The villa was clean, perfect, adorable, & felt like a getaway from our getaway. I foresee many future trips to visit the in-laws with us staying at this place. As far as I’m concerned, AirBnB is the way to go.



*Every stop, take the little dude or girly out of the car seat & let them get the wiggles out. Think about how you feel sitting on an airplane for a few hours… how good does it feel to stand up & stretch out? Babies need this relief too! You’ll have a much happier baby who gets a stretch in every couple hundred miles.


Now, we are home safe & unpacked. #Thankful Our next travel stop, we are flying to Florida for Thanksgiving which should be a whole new learning experience for us. We rented an AirBnB on the beach so we are so looking forward to this time with my family down south. I’ll def be blogging about our trip down there. John & I will even be vlogging our vacation & posting it on our YouTube channel (link to come soon!) so stay tuned for that 🙂

The hands.

If you mommas have any great travel tips, feel free to share it in a comment on this post! I would love to hear your secrets & tricks to happy traveling & thanks in advance! I so appreciate moms supporting other moms. We know that everything that works for you & your child may not work for us & ours, but uplifting tips are always welcome 😉 Keepin it positive, as we always do over here on the BrightSide! 🙂


(PS: Sorry for the poor picture quality! I didn’t use my real camera half as much as I should have. Next time!)

Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.



Mommy for a Month Now

Mommy for a Month Now

Momming aint easy but it sure is incredible & my favorite title yet!

Moms, isn’t it so crazy how you can be so over exhausted & past the point of tired that when your little babe projectile shits all over you mid diaper change, you don’t even get mad? You get sad: “Aww, get it out, little buddy!” This happened to me the other day & you just surprisingly deal with it & move on. (Let me make it clear, that if ANYONE else ever projectile shit all over my chest, stomach, & bed, I would immediately barf right back at em.)


It’s been a little over a month with Wake & John & I think we are adjusting pretty well. Mostly, in part, to the sweetest, easy-going baby I have ever met (I’m a little partial but it’s true!) Parenting is just such a learning curve. You’re learning your new baby / they’re learning you – life on this side of your belly, & this big ol’ world.


I could literally sit in bed all day & stare at him. The smell of his skin is addicting. Every day his eyes become so much more alert & aware & I love creating that close intense visual bond with our little man.

Raw mom & baby – No makeup. All love.

At his 2 week check up (where we are proud to say he did wonderful! – 95th percentile in length & 50th percentile in weight) I asked our pediatrician when we were able to leave the house. As a busy body, I loved being in our little nest at home recovering for those two weeks but I was also getting the itch to get out & do something… anything. Dinner at a restaurant or just a couple hours outside of the house. He gave us the “okay” to get out & away we went!… and have been going ever since. Breakfast, lunch, dinners, grocery shopping… I don’t let people get all in his face but it is nice to introduce Wake early on to our busy life on the go & it helps to keep momma sane as well. Fresh air is very important!


My mom, dad, & sister came to visit us from Florida which was the most amazing few weeks. My mom stayed for 11 days after Wake was born & was the perfect helper. I will forever be grateful for her time spent with us. She did the laundry & helped around the house, or just watched Wake while I napped when John was on the road. My own momma is just what this new momma needed. (Thank you, Mom! I love you!)


Wake has already been on his first road trip! (He LOVES being in the car.) My dad, sister, & I took a 4-hour trip north to Cincinnati to visit my Oma (my dad’s mom.) It was such a nice trip & I’m so glad that Wake got to meet her & vise versa. He’s still so small & sweet & she was thrilled that we made the trip. Wake got to meet his great grandma & she got to meet her first great grand child – that’s pretty stinkin special.

The car makes him a sleepy boy.

When Jes & I were little, our parents took us every summer on a road trip to visit Oma & Opa & I have the best memories from those visits (so it meant so much to me that Wake got to experience that.) One memory is that my Oma has always enjoyed a nightly cocktail of Jack & Coke. So, it was very nice for Jes & I to be able to join her on this occasion! Such a wonderful memory made.


I am strictly breastfeeding Wake which has been amazing for us both. I am very lucky that I am a total milk machine & Wake latches on like a pro. With that said, I did pump a bottle for him before I participated in our special night cap 😉 Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone but for me, it’s my favorite time with him. We get a chance to slow down, skin to skin, & hang out just the two of us for a while. I plan on doing this as long as the little guy lets me. (And the day he’s done, just throwing it out there that I’m making a Botox appointment immediately. I had one the day we found out we were pregnant that I had to cancel. #Overdue)

Family 🙂

Jason’s tour is over so John is officially home a ton more now with only short trips for one-off gigs here & there. Gotta teach daddy how to change a diaper! (I’ve given him a pass until tour was over. Time’s up, buddy!) I’ll be back in a few days with more updates on some exciting stuff we have planned throughout the next few weeks!


PS: To everyone on the east coast – all my love & positivity your way for your safety during Hurricane Matthew! Be careful & look out for one another!

Also! John made Wake his own Instagram! I thought it was super corny but now of course I love it, especially since John manages it for him (so cute!) 😉 Follow along! @wake_silver_perdue

Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.