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Month: November 2017

See ya never, meat!

See ya never, meat!


Yep. I fell for it. I watched “What the Health” on Netflix. It’s a thing, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s a documentary about how completely effed up our food is in America. How food is big business & corporations make tons of money off the garbage we consume on a daily basis. From there & overtime, that garbage will typically make you sick requiring you to take pharma meds which the big pharma companies just love that (dolla dolla bills, y’all.) And at the end of the day, our government is happy because they too are making money off of the food, the drugs, AND the illness. It’s a vicious cycle & people need to wake up when it comes to what they put in their bodies. (I am NOT a nutritionist or endorsing anything mentioned in the documentary, I’m just giving my opinion on what can be a very touchy subject.)

When I was 18 weeks pregnant with Wake, I developed a hypo-thyroid. I was forced to take thyroid medicine since his own thyroid didn’t work on it’s own yet. After delivery, my thyroid levels actually got worse. I decided that changing my diet might not fix my thyroid since the damage has been done but maybe, just maybe, it can help to stop it from deteriorating further & I won’t have to take medication forever. That would be my ultimate wish. Get off the medicine.

The documentary essentially wants you to become a vegan. I tried this & it’s just not for me. Yes, I cut out cheese (with rare exceptions) but I did that a long time ago. I don’t drink cows milk & neither does Wake. I found an amazing almond milk by Elmhurst who’s ingredients are almonds, water, sea salt, & natural flavors. I’m not a huge fan of most dairy products but I do find myself using them from time to time.

With all of that said, the day I watched “What the Health” I completely cut out all chicken, pork, & red meat & went full on pescatarian. I feel lighter & fresher! I missed some chicken meals for a little while but now, I don’t miss it at all (it actually really grosses me out.) I still eat fish here & there, especially when I’m in Florida.

In reality, since I got pregnant, I was a total organic-only, clean eating snob. I’ll admit it. It drove John crazy but I just felt like Wake deserved the absolute cleanest, best food & environment for growing that I could give him. There is so much plastic in our food these days & I didn’t want him to receive that. His pediatrician even told me that now, some researchers are saying that autism could be attributed to all of the plastics in our food & studies are being done on learning more about that possibility. If I can help my son have a healthy life, I’ll buy all organic only in a heartbeat. Why would you want to use Log Cabin maple syrup (for example) who’s ingredients start with corn syrup & include preservatives & artificial flavors when you can buy organic 100% pure maple syrup offered in the same section of the grocery store who’s only ingredient is, well… maple syrup. Go figure! 😛 They make it way too easy to buy organic options these days at so many grocery stores (not just Whole Foods) that there really isn’t much of an excuse. And yes, I know people say it’s so much more expensive but in reality, it’s not THAT much more & my argument to that is: Why cut corners on the food you are putting INTO your body?! Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself the best & if you have to, financially cut something else out of your life to make up for being able to eat REAL FOOD. It’s our fuel! We deserve the best!

In other news, working out has always been a big part of my life & I’ve touched on it in several blog posts before. Since I last spoke on it, I have began boxing at Title & I absolutely love the workout! It is an hour of full body, mega cardio, hitting, sweaty fun! I started when my good girlfriend & faithful photographer, Aspen, talked me into joining her. I was immediately “hooked” (bad boxing joke.) The guy in these pictures was one of the trainers there & he is now a full-time personal trainer. He is SO BOMB & if you are in the Nashville area & need his assistance, look him up on his insta! – he is so nice & will seriously rock your bod!

Since going pescatarian & boxing, I feel stronger & like I have more energy than ever! (If you have a Title Boxing Club in your area, almost all of them offer your first 2 classes for free, you should look into it! And don’t be intimidated! You can go at your own pace. There are all ages, shapes, sizes, & levels of boxing in each class so you can really make it your own.)

My absolute FAVORITE vegetarian meal is one I’ll food prep & eat on several times a week. It’s super easy too!

Chop up organic sweet potato, red potato, red pepper, red onion (so much red!), squash, carrot (basically any veggie you want!) Toss it in a bit of avocado or olive oil, course salt, pepper, & a dash of garlic salt. Roast in the oven at 400°, tossing every 10 minutes or so until the potatoes are golden brown. While the veggies are roasting, I make a bit of organic quinoa on the stovetop. Instead of using water, I make it with organic vegetable broth to give it more flavor. Once everything is cooked, I just mix a nice portion of the quinoa over a bed of veggies, toss it all together, & you can thank me later! If I’m looking for a little more flavor, I sometimes drizzle a oil & vinegar based salad dressing on top to switch up the flavoring.

I make so much of this that I usually have enough left over for 2 additional dinners that week. If you try it, let me know your thoughts! It just super simple & very filling.

Also, let me know if you watch the documentary. It’s a little tough in the beginning. Not to be judgey but the guy’s voice is a little monotone & he starts off by saying he’s a self-proclaimed hypochondriac so even I was hesitant to hear what this guy had to say since he believes EVERYTHING is going to kill him. Just stick it out! He offers up some sad truth to the reality of our food & the industry. If you don’t become vegetarian, vegan, or even eat cleaner, at least it will open your eyes the stuff you are putting into you & your family’s mouths.

Lastly, if you have any tips on healing or helping the thyroid, I would greatly appreciate it!

Eat well, babes!


Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.