Doing Mommy Things

Doing Mommy Things

When I think about Wake being 8 months old already, my most basic inner white girl comes out & I literally can’t. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. He’s like a grown 18 year old about to leave for college who doesn’t need me anymore already. (Yes, it makes me that emotional.)

As dramatic as I sound, I will say, having an 8 month old is actually extremely refreshing. We’re totally communicating. We have a schedule. He’s got several different whines which tell me exactly what he needs or wants. He’s laughing & fake coughing & just a freaking awesome kid. I miss my teeny tiny baby but I’m loving the chunk nugget that he has become.

Now that he’s older, I feel better about doing some mommy-things again. Leaving him with Daddy while I go to the gym. Having a glass or 3 of wine at night comfortably knowing he’s sleeping in his crib, safe, sound, & getting the rest he needs. And tapping back into the modeling world for fun (which used to be a huge part of my life; I was a regular model on the Home Shopping Network for years along with many other modeling gigs while I lived in Florida.)

I popped down to 12South with my girlfriend, Aspen, from Mingo Photography & another model, Shannon, & we took these fun shots for a J. Crew inspired shoot. We shot in front of the blue & white striped wall at Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s little boutique down there (which is the same alley as the “I Believe in Nashville” sign that many tourists seek out.)

It felt good to be in the front of the camera again. It’s always like a little high where you kinda get out of your head for a while & go somewhere else.

My whole thing, as a mom, is taking moments like these to remember who YOU are. Momming is a very selfless thing. You spent literally 24 hours a day worrying about someone else. It’s refreshing to be able to sit back for an hour & remember who you are, where you came from, whatever that may be, even if it’s just for fun.

What did you do before you had kids that you would like to get back into? Did you hike, jog, do yoga, box, do photography, sew, model, paint? What was YOUR thing, not your kids thing? Take 30 minutes this week & go do that. Not only will you be refreshed & thankful but your kids will probably appreciate that little pep they have recently noticed in your momming step 😉



Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.

4 thoughts on “Doing Mommy Things

  1. strength training, and kick boxing classes. Loved reading, and shopping for makeup, and trying new makeup tricks out.

  2. I love your positive outlook, blogs, and Instagram posts! You are so right, we are all better moms when we stay true to ourselves and maintain some balance.

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