Dressing the Bump(s)

Dressing the Bump(s)

Is it just me or are there country music awards like, every other day? So fun! All different types of associations are giving these talented musicians awards left & right & I just love the recognition they’re receiving. Not to mention, award shows are an excellent chance for us to get together with all of our friends for a fun night of music & laughs (& when you’re not pregnant, cocktails.)

With that said, the CMT Awards are next up here in Nashville on June 8th & I am given the exciting task of finding myself a dress for this growing body. Sony provides John with a stylist for his wardrobe & she always helps me with mine but I feel like I’m most aware of my personal style & inevitably, end up choosing my look.


Now, things are a little different in the wardrobe world with this little babe & these boobs getting bigger every day. Luckily, I can still wear lots of my “non-pregnant” clothes which I prefer. I have nothing against maternity clothes & I will admit that maternity shorts are life BUT… maternity clothes are not my style. I feel like unless the clothes are form fitting, the flowy tops just make me look like I’m ten times bigger than I actually am – plus – I am LOVING being pregnant & proud of this little babe so the form fitting look is where it’s at for this momma.


I ordered 10 dresses & 4 pairs of shoes from ASOS & 6 dresses from Naked Wardrobe (variety is the spice of life as they say.)

Below were some of my options & yes, I am aware that several of these are hilarious. (Feel free to laugh along with me!)


IMG_7547-Edit IMG_7566-Edit IMG_7575-Edit

Okay how freakin funny is that last black, open back dress?! Haha YIKES! I really thought that maybe, just maybe! I could pull something like this off. That one was a “Club L” dress which apparently is a line of clothes ASOS sells. I had never heard of this brand before but the name alone is a dead giveaway that I should steer clear from this polyester, cheap …essentially… garbage clothes. Momma aint goin’ to #TheClub. (I did that when I was like, 19 & thought I was so cool. Mess.)

Keep in mind, the CMT Awards are semi-formal. It’s about a thousand degrees in the beginning of June here in Nashville so short dresses are usually what you see all of the absolutely stunning women wearing on the carpet. It’s a great place to dress fun & edgy. I’ve seen girls in rompers, jumpsuits, feathers, lace, suits, sequins, gowns… you see it all.

What I love about ASOS is they offer free shipping both aways. I slapped all 10 of these dress fails & 3 of the pairs of shoes promptly back in the bags they came in & returned them. My money was returned within a week. SO EASY. I kept several of the Naked Wardrobe dresses (none pictured above) because they’re so comfortable, simple & great to wear anytime. (FYI: Their return policy is 15 days, however, returning shipping is on you. I also got my money back in about a week.)

I recently found “the dress” & I’m looking forward to this fun date night with my babes. Stay tuned to see which one made the cut!


Photography: Aspen Luzier @ MINGO

Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.


7 thoughts on “Dressing the Bump(s)

  1. Thanks Jenna! It is one of my dreams to go to one of these shows and just walk around back stage and just see all the beautiful people and clothing. You gave us a nice little glimpse into what it’s like to prepare!

    1. Emily, It is definitely a good time! It’s so interesting watching from the inside since it’s filmed lived, it’s crazy to see how it all comes together from behind the scenes. Tickets are also sold for attendees to fill the seats so hopefully one day you can come!

  2. Thank you for opening up about your personal life to us! You’re so hilarious and seem so humble & down to earth. And that is only what I gather from reading your articles, I can only imagine you in person.!
    Thanks for giving me the only reason I like to read Lol.
    Until then, I will live vicariously through you!
    Love from Kentucky ✌️

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I try to keep it as real as possible around here so thanks for the compliment on the authenticity! It’s not all glitz & glam but I always try to make the most of it with a good laugh. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend in the state just north of us! Kentucky love 🙂

  3. Move your dang arm and turn sideways on the short pink and black one. .. it’s great from the back and looks so so fun. I wanna see how it looks with bump… turn girl turn =)

  4. Jenna: Thanks so much for sharing your baby adventure with all of us. As I read above that tix are sold to attendees for the award show…that is great, my hubs & I would love to be part of that one day. We only been to Nashville once and LOVED it. Thanks again for sharing your story, can’t wait to read some more. Keep up that awesome attitude you got!! Love from PA

    1. Shani, You & your hubs should def try to plan a trip down around the awards next year! Grab tickets early online, you’d have a blast! Thanks for the love & support – it means a ton!

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