Florida w/ My Baby-Bestie

Florida w/ My Baby-Bestie

Wake & I have jumped ship from Nashville & headed south like real snowbirds to Clearwater/Dunedin/Tampa, Florida to spend time with my family! John is working Spring Break in South Padre for a few weeks & since that island is no place for babies, we decided Florida with my family was the safer more baby-friendly option.

Lots of people ask me for tips on how to travel with a baby & I have to admit, Wake is just a damn good kid. He’s so easy going, extremely charming, loves talking to everyone, & is a great traveler! (…seeing as we have been taking him everywhere with us since he was 2 weeks old.) BUT! I have to give all of my props to the amazing & most highly-recommended book, “Moms On Call” – this is the secret trick to having a happy baby!

This book literally gives you a timeline on when to feed, when to nap, & how to properly schedule your baby’s life to make them a great sleeper. A good sleeper is the magic trick to a good traveler. Follow to steps outlined in this book & you can guarantee that sooner than later, you’ll be praising “Moms On Call” from the rooftops as well! (Note: They have a book for 0-6 months & more books age-appropriate after that.)

If you can, fly on Southwest! You get to check 2 bags for $FREE$ & in a addition, they also let you check your stroller plane-side before you board. And if you’re lucky enough to travel on a flight that’s not full, they’ll let you bring your car seat on to put in a window seat, even if your child is considered a “lap child” & you didn’t pay for their ticket. This is an extra-special treat! Your arms can get pretty lifeless after a 3 hour flight holding an infant.

Also: Did you know there are changing-tables in airplane bathrooms? I never knew this but I surely do now! Wake’s ears don’t seem to be bothered by the pressure in the sky but his stomach surely is! This kid guarantees shits in his pants every single flight (sometimes twice!) Be prepared with lots of diapers & even a change of clothes in case the blow-out is unmanageable. The flight attendants have extra plastic garbage bags for you to throw your #2 diapers into when you’re done with them. For the love of everyone soul on that flight, contain the stink, people!

Note: NEVER be afraid to ask strangers for help! Chances are, they are parents who have flown with kids & understand where you’re coming from! If they’re not parents, there’s a good chance they’re just kind people & are willing to offer a helping hand with retrieving your luggage or getting a car seat off the plane.

Lastly: If your kid is just having a meltdown & there’s no stopping the sadness, keep telling yourself “I’m never gonna see these people again.” If you continue to worry about what other people are thinking & start to stress, your baby can feel that! Staying calm will help to calm your little one, so focus on them. No one loves to hear a crying baby but nothing is worse than a crying infant who’s parents aren’t trying to soothe them. Take care of your #1! You got this, mom & dad & bon voyage with bebe! 🙂

– Jenna

Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.


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  1. Thanks for these tips! Check out Baby Backups to help with those blowouts! A good friend of mine invited these and you can get them on Amazon!

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