Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Here’s to a wonderful weekend celebrating our great country & freedom! Since I’m off the bottle with babes in the oven, here’s some tips for those of you who aren’t knocked up to make a couple fun holiday-inspired cocktails, snack, & centerpiece  (Drink responsibly but for the love of God, have a couple cocktails for me!)


In a short rocks glass, add: 1 ounce of Tito’s vodka & then fill with Gatorade’s Frost Glacier Breeze or Fierce Blue Cherry (both blue Gatorade’s – flavor choice depends on your personal taste.) Garnish with fresh strawberries or raspberries for color.

Why I love this: This cocktail is genius! You can hydrate while you derehydrate – it’s a win/win! It’s also USA theme in color so it’s perfect for a day-time cocktail.


Prep: In an ice tray, add blueberries, raspberries, & cut up strawberries. Add water. Freeze over night.

In a short or tall cocktail glass, add: 1 ounce of your choice clear alcohol (vodka, gin, tequila) & fill the rest with soda water (Tip: Avoid the tonic water. Soda is literally bubbly water – zero calories. Tonic water is sugary & there are 124 calories in a can of tonic water. Don’t get them confused.)

Why I love this cocktail: It takes a little extra prep time to make the ice cubes, but this is a super cute cocktail that is low in calories (approx. 70 calories a cocktail)


A little snack! & a very easy snack at that, which requires zero cooking. On skewers, add strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, & blueberries to create the American flag on a tray. This healthy & sweet snack is great for grab & go while you’re socializing your way through the party (Tip: Have a friend check your teeth for strawberry seeds ;))


How cute are these center pieces?! If you’re the host of the party, grab 3 pineapples at the grocery store & 3 cans of spray paint (obviously red, white, & blue.) Over an old newspaper in a well ventilated space, spray paint the whole pineapple in each color. Once they dry, place the pineapples on a tray, stick some sparklers in the top & boom! You’ve got an adorable center piece for your table.

Just a couple quick ideas to help spread American pride over this holiday weekend! Be safe, don’t drink & drive (DUI’s are for morons) & have a wonderful safe weekend with the people you love!

Coming up this week, I’ll be posting about my pregnancy workouts & how I’m keeping my energy up while this little babe tries to suck it all outta me.

Cheers to the land of free because of the brave!


Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.

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