Inspirational Bits for Babes

Inspirational Bits for Babes

Hey cuties, I hope you all have been amazing! I took my last trip south before Baby to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday in Clearwater, Florida & spend time with my family. It was SO nice to spend time with my mom, dad, sister, & friends. I so look forward to visiting lots when we have the little babe – a Florida beach babe who lives in Tennessee – that’ll be one lucky duck 🙂

So we know I’m all about the positivity & putting the good vibes out there. Sadly, sometimes it’s easy to forget the sweetness of your future posibilities in your life. In order to remember, let’s put them right in front of your face.


Inspiration boards & quotes are the perfect reminder to keep you going & pushing forward. It’s important to have a constant reminder of what you want in your life & where you want to go – be it small steps or giant leaps – keep your dreams in check. Don’t let the bad moments slow your roll.


Inspiration boards are a very popular way to put your wishes for the future all together in a vision right in front of you. You can cut out dream vacation destination photos from magazines, download fitness plans to your phone, tape a $100 bill onto your makeup mirror; whatever your desires are, just get them posted to a place you’ll look at every day to remind you of what you’re out there grinding for.

One of the easiest ways to make an inspirational statement that goes straight to your head to remind you of what you want, constantly, is to put it somewhere you look at multiple times, every single day: Your cell phone lock screen. See mine below.


You can also download the app WordSwag on iTunes which allows you to create quote boards that you can use on your phone or post to your social media sites.


Another great way to remind yourself of what you want is to grab an inspirational journal from TJMaxx or HomeGoods (I swear I’m not sponsored by them, I friggin wish!) They have the BEST selection & they’re super affordable – about $4.99 – $7.99 a piece. Write down what you want. When you literally write out your dreams, you are putting them into the universe & setting that path in motion.


Have fun chasing your dreams & remember, they’re YOUR dreams & what YOU want! Don’t let anyone bring your dreams down or dim your light. Lose 10 pounds, visit Rome, open a new small business – whatever your dream is, work hard for it & trust the process! You got this, babes 😉


Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.

7 thoughts on “Inspirational Bits for Babes

  1. Thank you Jenna! You are very inspiring. I needed something to get me back on the right track, and I believe this just might do the trick. Thanks again.

  2. Hey there girl. I just had a question. I know your super busy but are you still going to be doing real estate n such?

  3. Jenna: thanks for the uplifting ideas. sometimes you just get lost in everyday life & forget about all the good stuff. love the journal idea, I’m gonna give it a try & get out of this funk.


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