Starbucks Serendipity

Starbucks Serendipity

[Hey guys! Little update: My server has had an issue with posting photos but it’s back in action & so am I!]

So, last Thursday we were hanging out with our friend, Elliot, who is a pilot for a private jet company. He was making his way back to Florida from Nashville that coming Sunday & told us to jump on. I never need a good excuse to go to Florida & John was all in. When we got home from our visit, we started looking at commercial flight options to get back to Nash in time for John to work. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything that worked out with his schedule so we told Elliot we would have to take a rain check on the last minute trip & thanked him for the offer.

Well, I wasn’t impressed. I had a major pout about it not working out. I know it’s always best to stay positive but I have to admit that I got so excited to go to Florida so the tease at an opportunity to see my family stung. Not to mention, we weren’t going AND the following morning, John left to go work in Louisville.

The next day after he had left, having no plans that day & all out of coffee in my kitchen, I got Wake (still in his jammies) & we jumped in the car. I didn’t really know where we were going other than to find coffee. I was about to pull into Target which has a Starbucks but decided against it cause they never have honey & I always take honey as the sweetener in my coffee. So instead of turning left, I turned right & drove about 5 minutes farther to the actual Starbucks store.

After grabbing my coffee, while still parked, I decided it was probably a good time to get my car detailed. If you’ve ever had a baby & experienced how your hair falls out in handfuls after about 3 months, you’ll know how bad the hair situation was in my vehicle. I got out while still at Starbucks & started doing the “pre-clean” of all of Wake’s crap, organizing it all in the trunk. Mid rearranging, I heard “Jenna? Is that you?” from the distance.

“OH NO.” I thought. I didn’t have on a lick of makeup & in this city, you never know who could be calling your name. I had a hat on so I contemplated ignoring the call “Maybe they won’t know it’s me.”

Louder: “JENNA??”

“Oh god.” I thought. “I have to look. Here we go.”

As I turned my head, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw who it was. My good girlfriend & blog photographer, Aspen from Mingo Photography, in her car in line for a latte.

“Oh thank god it’s you!” I ran over to her & told her how happy I was to see her & that I was pouting that John had just left. Her husband is the drummer for Korn & she told me she was in the same boat, that she had just dropped Ray off at the airport. “Come over! Let’s hang!”

She lives about 10 minutes away from me so I ditched the carwash & became very thankful to the universe for bringing us together & lifting my mood! I love how things like that happen.

Right when I got to her house, I laid Wake down in her studio where she had a murphy bed drawn from a shoot with a baby she had done the day before. We were just chatting & catching up when just like that, she had her camera on & started snapping pictures of Wake, drooly bib, jammies, & all.

I am so so SO thankful for her & her amazing talent! Because of her, we have some of the most amazing memories of Wake caught on camera. Here’s a look of what she snapped that day:

Okay, HOW CUTE are her sweet boys, Beck & Hudson with Wake? Beck (the littler one) was in love with Wake, he loves babies. It was so cute 🙂 And Hudson, her 5 year old said “Oh Jenna! I didn’t recognize it was you because you didn’t have your tummy!” He was only used to seeing me pregnant. How sweet is that?!

It turned out to be just such an awesome day. I’m so glad I went on the drive the get my coffee – she really turned my day around! If it wasn’t for our plans being canceled, I would have never run into her, never had that time catching up with her, & never had these amazing pictures of Wake that we will cherish FOREVER.

See how looking on the bright side helps so much? Even when it takes a friend to give you that little push to smile 😉


Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.


2 thoughts on “Starbucks Serendipity

  1. I LOVE her! She is so so nice. Taking pictures has always been a passion of mine. I’m just now getting into photography. I’ve asked her a few questions, and how sweet is it that she responded with helpful advise! She has a forever fan right here. Ohhh & I love the pictures she took of your little guy, Jenna! You both are beautiful & talented …. I love following your adventures! ❤

    1. I’m not sure how I’m just seeing this but yes! Aspen is the sweetest! I am so lucky to have her in my life. Thank you for the love!!! More adventures coming right up! 😉

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