Mommy for a Month Now

Mommy for a Month Now

Momming aint easy but it sure is incredible & my favorite title yet!

Moms, isn’t it so crazy how you can be so over exhausted & past the point of tired that when your little babe projectile shits all over you mid diaper change, you don’t even get mad? You get sad: “Aww, get it out, little buddy!” This happened to me the other day & you just surprisingly deal with it & move on. (Let me make it clear, that if ANYONE else ever projectile shit all over my chest, stomach, & bed, I would immediately barf right back at em.)


It’s been a little over a month with Wake & John & I think we are adjusting pretty well. Mostly, in part, to the sweetest, easy-going baby I have ever met (I’m a little partial but it’s true!) Parenting is just such a learning curve. You’re learning your new baby / they’re learning you – life on this side of your belly, & this big ol’ world.


I could literally sit in bed all day & stare at him. The smell of his skin is addicting. Every day his eyes become so much more alert & aware & I love creating that close intense visual bond with our little man.

Raw mom & baby – No makeup. All love.

At his 2 week check up (where we are proud to say he did wonderful! – 95th percentile in length & 50th percentile in weight) I asked our pediatrician when we were able to leave the house. As a busy body, I loved being in our little nest at home recovering for those two weeks but I was also getting the itch to get out & do something… anything. Dinner at a restaurant or just a couple hours outside of the house. He gave us the “okay” to get out & away we went!… and have been going ever since. Breakfast, lunch, dinners, grocery shopping… I don’t let people get all in his face but it is nice to introduce Wake early on to our busy life on the go & it helps to keep momma sane as well. Fresh air is very important!


My mom, dad, & sister came to visit us from Florida which was the most amazing few weeks. My mom stayed for 11 days after Wake was born & was the perfect helper. I will forever be grateful for her time spent with us. She did the laundry & helped around the house, or just watched Wake while I napped when John was on the road. My own momma is just what this new momma needed. (Thank you, Mom! I love you!)


Wake has already been on his first road trip! (He LOVES being in the car.) My dad, sister, & I took a 4-hour trip north to Cincinnati to visit my Oma (my dad’s mom.) It was such a nice trip & I’m so glad that Wake got to meet her & vise versa. He’s still so small & sweet & she was thrilled that we made the trip. Wake got to meet his great grandma & she got to meet her first great grand child – that’s pretty stinkin special.

The car makes him a sleepy boy.

When Jes & I were little, our parents took us every summer on a road trip to visit Oma & Opa & I have the best memories from those visits (so it meant so much to me that Wake got to experience that.) One memory is that my Oma has always enjoyed a nightly cocktail of Jack & Coke. So, it was very nice for Jes & I to be able to join her on this occasion! Such a wonderful memory made.


I am strictly breastfeeding Wake which has been amazing for us both. I am very lucky that I am a total milk machine & Wake latches on like a pro. With that said, I did pump a bottle for him before I participated in our special night cap 😉 Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone but for me, it’s my favorite time with him. We get a chance to slow down, skin to skin, & hang out just the two of us for a while. I plan on doing this as long as the little guy lets me. (And the day he’s done, just throwing it out there that I’m making a Botox appointment immediately. I had one the day we found out we were pregnant that I had to cancel. #Overdue)

Family 🙂

Jason’s tour is over so John is officially home a ton more now with only short trips for one-off gigs here & there. Gotta teach daddy how to change a diaper! (I’ve given him a pass until tour was over. Time’s up, buddy!) I’ll be back in a few days with more updates on some exciting stuff we have planned throughout the next few weeks!


PS: To everyone on the east coast – all my love & positivity your way for your safety during Hurricane Matthew! Be careful & look out for one another!

Also! John made Wake his own Instagram! I thought it was super corny but now of course I love it, especially since John manages it for him (so cute!) 😉 Follow along! @wake_silver_perdue

Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.

6 thoughts on “Mommy for a Month Now

  1. Such a sweet post on your little babe!! I love that you are open about having Botox done! It would be so informative if you ever got a chance to do a post on plastic surgery/skin care! Like what age did you start Botox since you’re so young (I want it already and I’m 22 #ounceofpreventionisworthapoundofcure), how you liked that laser treatment you did a while back, and what your thoughts on plastic surgery are! You rock girl!

    1. I’m an open book girl! I’ll try to get a post like this put together soon! Stay tuned 😉 PS – I was 29 when I first got Botox.

  2. Jenna,
    You are breathtaking and positivity just radiates from you. You seem to just take changes, challenges, and life in strides and make it all work for the better. John and Wake are blessed to have you as theirs!

    1. Oh my gosh THANK YOU! You made my whole day with your words – so much appreciated. Just trying to do my best every day, go with the flow, & learn from it all. Thank you for reading!

  3. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? OH, people you don’t know getting all up in your baby’s face is the worst, isn’t it? Trust when I tell you….you will throat punch a UFC fighter when it comes to protecting your babe. I am all about personal space, especially when the person behind me at the store has their cart 2 inches away from me at the checkout line. Back the eff off!!
    So, to answer your question from the last post. No, I am not a stand up comedian. I just have a low tolerance for drama and bullshit. I think it’s unnecessary for strangers to leave asinine comments on people’s social media pages. I was born in the late 60’s, so I grew up in the era where everything you said or did wasn’t picked apart, or offended someone in someway. I imagine I would get along with your Dad, I see the comment’s he makes on you and your sisters pages. I think he is hilarious. I pity people who don’t have a healthy sense of humor. It must suck to go thru life just looking for something to bitch about, it’s just such a waste of time and energy.
    You have a beautiful family, and it is so refreshing to see you enjoying motherhood. And let me tell you, I am digging Wake’s leopard print Vans. I’m guilty of having a few leopard print things in my closet, even though at 48, I think I may be past my prime animal print wearing years. 🙂

    1. Isn’t my dad hilarious?! He’s my favorite person & such a good dad – he loves his girls, that’s for sure. You rock your leopard print girl! 48 is the new 22, get to it! 😉

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