The Name Game

The Name Game

The pressure’s on when it comes to naming a child. That’s their name… what they’re going to be referred to for the rest of their life. So we wanted to make sure it was something good for our little guy. Strong, unique, & fitting.

I mentioned the story behind his name on an Instagram post the week he was born but in case you missed it, Wake was a name I had on my list since I was 19. I was working at Outback Steakhouse as a to-go server when my coworker, Amy, was outside running food & I heard her phone ringing. I glanced to see “Wake” was calling. When she came back in, I told her she missed a call from him & she laughed saying “No, that was my alarm going off!” We had a good chuckle about it but I vividly remember thinking to myself “Well, Wake would be a really cool name for a boy.”

So when we found out that our prayers were answered with a little man (we both wanted a boy) John agreed with me that Wake should be his name.

Every once & a while after he was born I would ask myself “Did we do him wrong by giving him such a unique name?” but it is with this article by the awesome people at Taste of Country, that I officially had my first “proud moment mom cry.” Feels like we definitely did something right.

Thank you, Taste of Country! We think Wake is a pretty cool name too 😉



Everything’s better when you look on the bright side.


2 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. Awww, little Wake was born a supah stah!!! I’m curious, how did John get the name “Silver”? I seriously didn’t know his real name for the longest time, until I started looking at your IG. Just me being nosy I guess. Sorry if I’m getting too personal.
    Speaking of being too personal. I see another innerwebs warrior threw their two cents into the ring. That is why I don’t make any social media accounts, I would jump right over to their feed and tell them what I thought they were doing wrong. I’d like to think I’m better than that, but NO, I would most definitely have to have the last word. For example, one of the many things I could have picked apart was letting her cute little boy play in that sea of Lego’s in a public place. That is just a case of Pink Eye, Hand and Mouth, or any number of Virus’ waiting to happen. She should watch a video, or read an article to educate herself about what dangers lurk in such places. Now I just proved I’m no better than her, but I thought it was ignorant in every definition of the word. Especially when you didn’t deserve such a “lesson” anyone with a tad of common sense can see by your posts that you’re a fantastic Momma. You’re just so level-headed and kind when you respond, you show much more respect than was shown to you. It’s a nice trait to have.

  2. I was so obsessive about naming our girls! You’ll stop guessing your decision soon. It totally fits him!! We went with Claire Maureen and Nora James. You wouldn’t believe the amount of crap family gave us for Nora James (my husband’s middle name). I love unique names with a story. He’s such a cutie.

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